Does anyone monitor the pricing for large Wrap-Ups?

Summary: Price Monitoring for large Wrap-Ups aka Owner Controlled Insurance Programs

Dear Diane:
Is there any organization that monitors the pricing for large Wrap-Ups [also known as Owner Controlled Insurance Programs]? Does ISO keep records on this area?

Andrew B., CPCU

Hi Andrew!

To get an answer to your question I went to Gary Oltmanns of Southern California Insurance Brokerage.

Here's what Gary had to say:

As far as any organizations that monitor Wrap Ups (which are also known as Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs) goes, I believe the DOI (Department of Insurance) would want to know about any abuses; but for all intents and purposes the market pretty much drives that segment of the industry.

The coverages and terms continue to evolve and mutate as we go along. ISO (Insurance Services Office) is not really a factor (yet, that I'm aware of), as the policies are all written by "non-admitted" carriers thus far.

We will probably start to see some of the older Wrap Ups aka Owner-Controlled Insurance Policies tested in court before long and that could lead to some tighter regulation by the DOI but for now it's the American free market at work.

There has been increased competition in the last couple years bringing in more players and lower premiums.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask any additional questions you might have.

From Diane: Please note that these types of insurance are also known as Owner Controlled Insurance Programs of which you can read more by clicking on the link.

Gary Oltmanns (owner of Southern California Insurance Brokerage in Southern California) can be reached at (800) 900-9372 and/or by visiting his website at

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