Is it illegal in Wisconsin for contractors to work on weekends and/or holidays?

Summary: Are there any state laws, restricting hours of construction work, for the comfort and well-being of renters in Wisconsin?

QUESTION: Is it legal in the state of Wisconsin for construction on a rental property to take place on Sundays and legal holidays? Are there any state laws for the comfort and well-being of renters that might be relevant to a situation where construction interrupts a renter's holidays or days and hours of rest. Also, does advance notice need to be given to a renter if construction fumes, dust, or materials data indicate toxicity? Susan

ANSWER: Is it illegal in Wisconsin for contractors to work on weekends and/or holidays? (the rest of the questions are landlord/tenant that are outside the scope of my expertise and the inquirer can use the email address below to obtain the name of a landlord tenant attorney).

I am unaware of any specific statute, either federal or state, that generally prohibits a contractor in a residential construction project from working on weekends or holidays. There may be municipal ordinances on this issue, and additionally, there may be union contracts and/or public contracts which have provisions addressing this issue.

Also, in the event of a public construction project (as opposed to a residential project), there may be federal or state regulations or statutes impacting this issue. My suggestion is to contact a public contract lawyer to look into the specific facts of your case. I suggest emailing the Wisconsin State Bar Lawyer Referral Service to obtain the contact information with a lawyer with expertise in this area at

Thank you to Chad Koplien for the above answer. Chad is a Wisconsin construction litigation attorney with Stafford Rosenbaum LLC, a legal firm located in Madison Wisconsin and Brookfield Wisconsin.

The information on these pages provides legal information about Wisconsin statutes designed to help contractors acquire general background information on construction liens in Wisconsin. It is important to note that legal information is not the same as legal advice. Legal advice is the application of the specific applicable laws to a contractor's specific fact scenario. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, you must retain a lawyer, and enter into an attorney-client relationship if you want to obtain professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it, is appropriate to your particular situation.

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