Wisconsin construction legal questions answered by Attorney Chad Koplien

Below is a list of the questions that Chad has answered so far, along with links to the answers as well as links to articles he has written. There are more but I have to get them posted online. If your question isn't answered below, at the end of the list of questions will be a link that'll take you to the form that you'll need to fill out to ask Chad your question(s).

The questions and articles are listed in sections in an effort to help you to quickly find what you need. Currently there are:

Questions and Articles about Wisconsin Construction Liens

What is a construction lien?

What are the statutes that govern lien law in Wisconsin?

Who has the right to a construction lien in Wisconsin?

What is the procedure to perfect a construction lien in Wisconsin?

Am I too late to properly file a lien due to lack of lien forms being filed earlier?

Can equipment rental companies file construction liens in Wisconsin?

Can the Supplier lien the Owner's property when the Contractor won't pay the Supplier?

Questions and Articles about Wisconsin Lien Notices

What information must a prime or general contractor's Lien Notice contain in Wisconsin?

What information must a subcontractor's "Lien Notice" contain in Wisconsin?

Can the general contractor be considered an authorized agent for the home owner when the Subcontractor serves the preliminary notice only to the general contractor and not to the home owner?

Steps the Subcontractor needs to follow to file for non-payment

Miscellaneous questions and articles that don't have a specific section yet

Is it illegal in Wisconsin for contractors to work on weekends and/or holidays?

DISCLAIMER: The information on these pages provides legal information about Wisconsin statutes designed to help contractors acquire general background information on construction liens in Wisconsin. It is important to note that legal information is not the same as legal advice. Legal advice is the application of the specific applicable laws to a contractor's specific fact scenario. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, you must retain a lawyer, and enter into an attorney-client relationship if you want to obtain professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it, is appropriate to your particular situation.

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