Is it okay to send photocopies of the preliminary notice with my signature photocopied?

The preliminary notice form itself can be photocopied but the signature should be original or "wet" on every copy

QUESTION: I have always used the 4-part (carbon-type) preliminary notice forms so it's my first time using this type. Do I print out and put an ink signature on EACH one (I need 4) -OR- can I print one copy, sign it and then make 3 copies of it (signature won't be original on other 3.)

Melissa, Sanborn Pipeline

ANSWER: Each should have an original (ink) signature. A photocopy will probably be legally effective, but my advice is to always use an original signature.

A defendant who claims that a photocopy is ineffective misses the point--it's the fact that they're being made aware of the info on the form that matters.

But a photocopied document might give a GC or a property owner an argument that the prelim isn't valid, and we always want to prevent the other side from having an argument.

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