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Seed company did not prelim and now Owner will not pay Subcontractor
Can the Supplier of a Subcontractor file a lien when they didn't do a preliminary notice and the Owner will not pay the bill?

Non-payment of architectural fees
What can an architect do when his client won't pay the final amount due?

Where do you send the preliminary notice when there are conflicting addresses given for the Owner(s)?
Send the preliminary notice to both addresses when the address on the Grant Deed differs from the address that the GC gave you

Can an equipment rental company file a lien on your property?
Equipment rental companies, preliminary notices and mechanic's liens... Oh My!

Using A Single Preliminary Notice For Multiple Locations
One contract, multiple locations, one prelim notice or several?

Certified Preliminary Notice Mailings That Are Refused
California civil code protects you against refused certified mailings of 20-day preliminary notices

Photo-Copied Signatures on California 20-Day Preliminary Notice Forms
The preliminary notice form itself can be a photocopy but the signature must be original or "wet"

Amending Preliminary Notices
You've issued your preliminary notice and now your customer is increasing the amount of work he wants done. Should you amend your preliminary notice by sending another one?

Preliminary Notices and Non-Responsibility Forms
The Owner filed a Notice of Non-Responsibility. Should the contractor/supplier still send the Owner a preliminary notice?

Dollar Amounts on Preliminary Notice Forms
Do you need to include a dollar amount on preliminary notices or can you send it without a dollar amount?

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