Why Employers Should Run Pre Employment Background Checks

Had 61-year-old Ronald Stringer known about pre employment background checks or if he did, if he had run one he might still be alive today.

Sadly, he was murdered by his handyman Timothy Pscholka on August 16 2006.

Mr. Stringer used a handicap motor scooter and his body was found in the desert sand about 10 feet from his scooter.

These men were supposed friends and Mr. Stringer had invited Timothy Pscholka to live at his Lucerne Valley residence. Mr. Stringer didn't live there full-time, his main residence was in Riverside.

It was during one of his visits to his Lucerne Valley property that he was murdered.

I don't know that Mr. Stringer would have found anything on Timothy Pscholka if he had checked out Pscholka's background and now we'll never know.

Timothy Pscholka was found guilty of first-degree murder and faces 25 years to life in prison.

More importantly, Mr. Stringer will never again see the light of day. Pscholka should be facing death row. There was no doubt that he committed the crime: he phoned 911 and told them that he had beaten his boss to death and led the police directly to Ronald Stringer's body.

Folks, you HAVE to run pre employment background checks if you're going to hire someone. You just never know who the person is that you're considering hiring, and running that check could be the one thing that saves your life, or the lives of your employees, or business, or even your family.

RIP Ronald Stringer

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