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New and Updated Forms and Practice Exams:Free Construction Magazines

Is your business compliant with federal and state labor law posting requirements?

Construction Forms for every state

So many construction accidents

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New And Updated Forms And Practice Exams

The A-1-131 Public Works Payroll Reporting Form has been updated because the PDF version 8 1/2 x 11 skipped Tuesday on the first employee for standard and over time. The updated form has (Rev. 1) at the bottom of the form. If you've purchased the A-1-131 form in the past and you're using the 8 1/2 x 11 PDF version and it doesn't have (Rev. 1) at the bottom please send me an email (you can reply to this email) and I'll email a new copy to you. If you're using the 8 1/2 x 11 Excel version or the 8 1/2 x 14 Excel or PDF version then you're good to go, no updates there. If you'd like to purchase the A-1-131 payroll form, it's available here.

The California Mechanic's Lien Release Form has been updated to enlarge the box for the notary stamp. If you've purchased this form in the past (either by itself or in the combo package) send me an email and I'll send you the latest copy. Please follow this link to purchase the California Mechanic's Lien Release form.

The invoice form invc-004.pdf has been updated because one of the lines wasn't totaling. The updated version has (Rev. 1) at the bottom of the form. If you've purchased the invoice forms package and you're using the invc-004.pdf and it doesn't have (Rev. 1) at the bottom please email me (you can reply to this email) and I'll email an updated copy to you. If you'd like to purchase the invoice forms package it's available here.

This deluxe letter of transmittal can be used for just about anything construction related. Purchase the Deluxe Letter of Transmittal here.

These practice exams for California Construction Licenses have been updated: C-7, C-8, C-27, C-33, CaLaw/Business, GBC

In addition we've added several California construction license practice exams, see them all here...

Free Construction Magazines

600+ complimentary construction magazine subscriptions ready to be sent to YOU.

No credit cards, coupons, or promo codes required.

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Is Your Business Compliant With Federal And State Labor Law Posting Requirements?

I've recently partnered with GovDocs to bring you a full suite of labor law products that make it easy and cost-effective to comply with labor law regulations. Keep reading to find out about how you can get a 15% discount.

All U.S. businesses with at least one employee are governed by state and federal labor laws. Compliance with these regulations includes displaying at least one copy of the most current federal and state labor law posters in each workplace location.

In addition, current federal regulations require all U.S. businesses with at least one employee to display the following six postings in each workplace location: Federal Minimum Wage, Employee Polygraph Protection, OSHA, FMLA, USERRA, and EEO.

If your business doesn't have current federal and state labor law postings, you are risking fines and penalties, damages from lawsuits, and your reputation as a responsible employer.

Labor law changes constantly, and it is the employer's responsibility to make sure posters are current and accurate. Each state generates its own set of specific employment regulations. GovDocs proactively monitors over 500 state and federal labor law sources to determine which labor law changes are mandatory for employers. They itemize each state's requirements to make it simple for businesses to comply giving you one convenient resource for all of your labor law poster needs.

Everything from federal legislation – such as the 2007 Federal Minimum Wage increase – to state laws and even voter referendums can impact labor law.

Even if you pay all your employees on salary, or at an hourly rate that exceeds the new minimum wage, you are still required to display the most current federal and state labor law postings if you have at least one employee. As mentioned above, non-compliance puts you at risk of significant fines and penalties.

Some states mandate specific posting instructions.

The posters should be hung in well-trafficked employee areas, such as a lunchroom, breakroom, conference space, employee lounge, or kitchen however some states mandate specific posting instructions, which GovDocs will include with every poster order. Current labor law requires that you display at least one copy of the current postings in each facility or office location.

All GovDocs posters replicate the exact language and dimensions required by each issuing agency, and are reproduced to meet strict state and federal requirements for size, font, and color. The GovDocs compliance staff communicates directly with individual agencies to determine compliance requirements and upcoming policy changes.

Their posters are available in sturdy laminated formats, English and Spanish translations (selected states), and in electronic documents that employers can print on demand (instant downloads, gotta love 'em!) from a standard desktop printer.

On average, more than 200 labor law changes occur each year, with approximately 40% requiring employers to display new posters.

On top of everything, GovDocs offers two options to keep you "in the know" on changing labor law requirements. You can enroll in their Update Service when you purchase posters, and GovDocs will automatically send you new posters, laminated and/or electronic, whenever a mandatory change occurs in your state(s). Or you can sign up for GovWatch, their free e-newsletter, and receive proactive notification of the latest labor law news. This is very important because state and federal agencies can change their labor law regulations at any time throughout the year – and often do so without notifying individual businesses.

Because each state manages its own diverse set of requirements, including mandatory poster size, color, and display regulations, state and federal posters need to be ordered separately. To help keep your costs down GovDocs recommends the Federal-on-One and State-on-One posters. Each combines several mandatory elements into one convenient document.

As part of the online order process, you can view sample posters and see detailed product specifications, such as item dimensions.

And now about that 15% discount I promised you...

As part of my affiliation with GovDocs you'll get an exclusive 15% discount but you must follow this link to order your state and federal labor law posters. Best of all, because the link has the special discount code embedded in it, you won't have to remember to enter a code to get your discount! As you're completing your order please note that the discount will not appear until the Review page (last page) of the shopping cart.

Construction Forms For Every State

I've partnered with US Legal Forms to bring you over 36,000 downloadable, fill-in-able, unlimited usage, unlimited free replacement forms for all 50 states! There are many, many more forms for Contractors than I have available through my site and the folks at US Legal Forms have assured me that they will treat you right. :)

Construction Forms

So Many Construction Accidents

There have been so many construction accidents lately across the country that have resulted in injuries and death. It breaks my heart every time I hear about them.

OSHA has a Construction Compliance Assistance Module that provides a step-by-step guide to help employers and workers in the construction industry to comply with OSHA's construction standards which should help to reduce these terrible accidents.

Visitors to the page can generate a set of compliance assistance materials tailored to their jobsites.

If you have Spanish-speaking employees, visit OSHA's Compliance Assistance: Hispanic Employers and Workers page and OSHA en Español.

OSHA Compliance Products

Also, please visit this website for various products to help you comply with OSHA requirements.

BUT, don't purchase your labor law posters there. If you need labor law posters use this link to get your 15% discount. :)

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