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The 3 basic requirements to California mechanic's liens

The top 10 misconceptions about California mechanic's liens

Do you need to do a "Notice of Intent to File a Lien" before actually filing a mechanic's lien (or stop notice or bond claim)?

Can a subcontractor attach interest to a lien until it is paid?

Does 171 days automatically disallow you from filing a mechanic's lien?

Can an equipment rental company file a mechanic's lien?

Can a Designer (not an Architect) file a mechanic's lien?

Can the supplier of a subcontractor file a mechanic's lien when the supplier didn't do a preliminary notice and the owner will not pay the bill?

What can an architect do when his client won't pay the final amount due?

How do you change the dollar amount of an existing mechanic's lien?

Can a mechanic's lien deadline be extended?

Can an unlicensed contractor file a mechanic's lien?

Download California mechanics lien forms


What is a construction lien?

What are the statutes that govern lien law in Wisconsin?

Who has the right to a construction lien in Wisconsin?

What is the procedure to perfect a construction lien in Wisconsin?

Am I too late to properly file a lien due to lack of lien forms being filed earlier?

Can equipment rental companies file construction liens in Wisconsin?

Can the Supplier lien the Owner's property when the Contractor won't pay the Supplier?

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