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Special note: The word "lein" is actually spelled "lien" but I've built this page with it spelled "lein" to help anyone who does spell it "lein". :o)

The California Mechanic's Lien Law changed effective January 2011 (and then some other changes came down in July 2012), requiring extensive changes to the process. The California Mechanic's Lien form package and the California Mechanic's Lien Combo package (mechanic's lien form, mechanic's lien release form, mechanic's lien partial release form, mechanic's withdrawal form, the notice to owner of mechanic's lien, and the proof of service affidavit), available now contains the 2012 documents, an article discussing the new requirements, and the new documents that are required in 2012. If you do not follow the new process then your lien will not be valid.

Ah, mechanic's lein forms... the cure for what ails a non-paying customer! ;)

Unfortunately, and all too often, contractors, suppliers and service providers find themselves involved on a project where the customer refuses to pay the bill.

Then the contractor or supplier or service provider has to file a mechanic's lein form on the property.

Where is the Mechanic's Lein Form filed?

The mechanic's lien form is typically filed at the County Recorder's Office in the same county where the construction project is located.

Usually the lien form has to be taken directly to the County Recorder's Office and filed in person. The County Recorder will assign a file number and stamp the document. Once they've recorded the document then they'll mail a copy of it back to you.

To find the location of the office, determine which county the city is in that the project is located in, then call information (411) and ask them for the phone number of the County Recorder's Office in that county. Then call them and ask for their location.

How difficult is it to file the Mechanic's Lein Form?

Filing mechanics lein forms is an unfortunate side effect of being involved in the construction industry; sadly, it's necessary when dealing with some folks.

Fortunately though, the actual filing of the mechanic's lein does NOT have to be difficult! :)

Where can you get the mechanic's lein form?

From our downloadable construction forms website of course! ;)

California Mechanic's Lien Forms

Mechanics Lien Forms for states other than California

(Common spellings: lein lean leen len lene.)

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