Instructions for using Microsoft Word forms

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1. Instructions on how to use Word to fill in the forms

2. Information about customizing/changing the forms

3. Unlimited Usage, Free Replacement & Free Support

4. Miscellaneous but important notes

1. Instructions on how to use the forms

Saving the forms to your computer:

You can save the forms wherever you’d like to save them on your computer, including within your Word folder. You can:

  • Create a file folder on your desktop to hold them
  • Leave them on your desktop without putting them in a folder
  • Create a file folder elsewhere on your computer to hold them
  • Copy them to a CD

Changing the names of the forms:

You can change the names of the forms to be whatever you’d like them to be except, as mentioned in Section 2, be sure to leave the .doc at the end of the file name or your computer will not know how to open the document.

Filling in the forms:

These documents are created in Microsoft Word and can be used only with Word.

The forms are currently locked, which means when you open the form you’ll be able to TAB from field to field and fill in those fields without changing the alignment of the form itself.

1. Navigate to where you’ve saved the form on your computer and click to open it

2. Using your mouse, roll your curser to the first field and click to “activate” it

3. Fill in the field - for specific information as to what goes into each field please see the sample completed documents included in the download

4. TAB to the next field to fill it in and so on and so on…

5. If desired, save the filled in form under a new file name (but remember to leave the .doc on the end of the file name). Hint: If you save a copy of the filled-in form you’ll be able to go back to the form to make changes if needed. Plus, you’ll be able to copy and paste field entries from form to form!

6. Print and voila, you're done!

2. Customizing or Changing the Forms

Changes to the forms:

The forms are currently locked to make them easier to fill in. If you wish to make changes to the boiler-plate text of the form go to Tools > Unprotect/Unlock Document then make your changes then go back to Tools > Protect/Lock Document before you attempt to fill in the form. If you make a mistake and end up knocking out the alignment of the form please send us an email and we'll send you a new copy of the form. :)

Please be cautious:

Some of these forms are controlled by the government and require specific text and layout to be acceptable. Please be cautious as to which forms you make changes to so that you don't run afoul of the law. If you don't know if the form you want to change is governed by law please feel free to email us and we'll let you know.

3. Unlimited Usage, Unlimited Free Replacement, Unlimited Free Support for Life

Unlimited Usage –

These forms come with unlimited usage, meaning you can use them as many times as you ever need to, forever. Because the forms reside on your computer you don’t even have to be online to use them.

Every time you need a form you just navigate to where you’ve saved it on your computer, pop it open, fill it in and print it.

You can also use these forms on as many computers as you’d like. Say you’ve got two people in your office that share the task of lien paperwork. You can copy these forms onto a CD and then put the disk in the other computer and copy the forms onto that computer.

Unlimited Free Replacements Forever –

As computer users ourselves, we know that sometimes things don’t go the way they should and computers have been known to dump important files. Because of this, every form comes with unlimited free replacements, no matter the reason, and no matter how many times it’s needed.

Should you need more copies of the forms just email us and we’ll email you new copies at no charge.

Free Unlimited Lifetime Support –

Any time you have a question about your form, whether it’s today or 10-15-20+ years from today, send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer your question(s).

4. Miscellaneous but important notes

Occasional Updates to Your Forms

We publish a free newsletter for contractors, suppliers and business owners and in there we include a list of forms that we have updated, as well as new forms that we’ve created. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to keep aware of these changes, some of which could affect the legality of your form(s).

Attorney Consultation - Contracting is mired in legalities and it is very important to have someone in your corner.

California Attorney:

Below is the contact info for our attorney David Barnier (he concentrates in California construction law) should you wish to contact him.

David J. Barnier Esq.
Barker Olmsted & Barnier, A Professional Law Corporation

Mention us and David will speak with you for about 20 minutes at no charge. :) David's a great guy and everyone we've referred to him has really liked him.

Wisconsin Attorney:

Below is the contact info for attorney Chad Koplein (he concentrates in Wisconsin construction law) should you wish to contact him.

Chad Koplein
Lee, Kilkelly, Paulson & Younger, S.C.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Mention us and Chad will speak with you for about 20 minutes at no charge. :) Chad's a great guy and everyone we've referred to him has really liked him.

All Other States Attorney:

Ted Levy
Levy - von Beck & Associates P.S.

Ted's another great guy and everyone I've referred to him has really liked him. He's in Washington but can help you no matter what state you're in. Ted's a great guy and everyone we've referred to him has really liked him. Noticing a trend here? We "hook up" with only the best. :)


And that’s it! We thank you for your purchase and we hope that you’ll consider us for all of your forms needs. Should you need something that you don’t see at our website please let us know.

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