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How did Download Construction Forms start?

Well, we were contractors in California for about 7 years (my now ex-husband was in construction 20+ years prior) when I started my first website

We had been through some pretty tough scrapes and learned quite a bit:

  • how and why to prelim jobs
  • why suing the GC isn't always worth it
  • why your supplier should also be your best friend
  • why you should read your contracts letter for letter
  • why it's a good idea to take pictures of your completed work
  • how and why to write proposals in a manner to protect ourselves
  • and so forth and so on...
  • Here's an even more in-depth look at who we are. The page will look different when you click through but it is still me. There's some things there that are a little outdated but there's also some information there that isn't here.

    While we were experiencing just about every groan in construction, we were fortunate in that we made a lot of friends with fellow contractors. Mostly these were "small" guys like us, no more than a husband and wife with maybe one or two employees.

    Because of the experiences we had been through we were able to answer quite a few questions that our contractor friends would ask. In addition, everyone wanted to know where they could download construction forms.

    It got to the point where our contractor friends were referring us to their contractor friends and we found ourselves fielding anywhere from 1 to 10 calls a day, questions that other contractors had about experiences they were going through, and as always, where could they download construction forms?

    Eventually we realized that there were lots and lots of contractors with lots and lots of questions but hardly any support or answers for those contractors and their questions. We also discovered that indeed there was no place online to download construction forms.

    You go through school, take your test, get your license and then bye-bye baby, you're on your own. Even the state license board can't answer questions many times. Technically they're there to serve the consumer, not the contractor.

    Lots of folks told us we ought to write a book about our many experiences so that others could learn from what we'd been through. We thought, why not a website instead of a book?

    That's how we got started in websites. :) I now have a "family" of websites and Download Construction Forms is one of them:
    This is my first and premier website. I started this website in December 1999. I continued to operate our suspended ceiling company, C and D Acoustics, while I built the website "in the middle of the night, night after night". It contains tutorials on how to run a construction business; a free and very popular newsletter; introductions and exclusive discounts to various firms, software, etc. for contractors; and so on. We also sell our downloadable forms from this website utilizing PayPal to collect payment, which allows folks to download construction forms immediately upon completion of payment. We closed the ceiling business in 2004 and I started focusing instead on adding more helpful information to the website and then growing a family of websites, some construction related and some not construction related.
    I started this website when I found that using PayPal didn't serve everyone who wanted to purchase and download construction forms. I needed to be able to accept credit cards. I don't have my own shopping cart system so I set up a store through Yahoo to sell the downloadable forms that I was selling at, but now with the ability to accept credit cards instead of just PayPal.
    Download Construction Forms is the site you're at right now. The reason I started this website is because I wanted to try out this wonderful website and business building system called Solo Build It. I found that Solo Build It is outstanding for anyone who wants to do a website but doesn't know how to write code and even for folks who know they want to make money online but don't know yet what they want to do online. I plan on including a page here dedicated to Solo Build It but in the meantime, if you'd like to check it out please click any of these Solo Build It links. ;)
    Our son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism) in November 2005. This website is a chronicle of our experiences as well as information on various things related to Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, and PDD-NOS. And of course, I'm using Solo Build It on this site as well. :)

    I've since added a new website to my growing business. It's History of The Titanic. This is 100% a website of pure joy for me. I absolutely love everything about Titanic so I decided to build a website about it! :)

    Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

    I hope you enjoy your visit and that you have a great day!
    Diane Dennis

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