How to Avoid Dealing with Deadbeats

Don't let a deadbeat rip you off - use this website to track them and report your own

Down With Deadbeats!
Don't let deadbeats rip you off!

If a customer can get references on a contractor, why can't a contractor get references on a customer?

Hundreds of contractors have either been ripped off, pushed aside or are still awaiting payment on jobs that they completed eons ago!

Do you make the customer wait an inordinate amount of time before you start work on the contract between he and you? Chances are no. You contract for the job in good faith, treat the customer well and expect to get paid on time!

How do you find out if a potential customer has ripped off any other contractors? How do you protect yourself from these blood-sucking deadbeats?

Well, a guy named Michael J. Stanton thought that maybe it's time for contractors to get together and create their own source of references.

A communication between contractors FOR contractors.

A network full of information that every contractor needs, from the best paying customers to the worst.

And that network is located at

If you've got a customer that won't pay, visit and post the information for free. This'll give you the chance to vent where it counts, where other contractors can read it and decide not to contract with the deadbeat!

In addition, once the deadbeat knows they've been posted about at, there's a good chance they'll want the information taken down, but the only way for that to happen is if they pay you what they owe you!

Go a step further and join the service for $10 per month or $75 per year and you can look up folks you're considering contracting with to see if they're deadbeats, see if they've skipped out on other contractors and/or suppliers.

Imagine finding out, before contracting with someone, that they're a deadbeat. Imagine what that could save you!

Sure you can file a mechanic's lien if you don't get paid but wouldn't it be better to know the guy's a deadbeat BEFORE deciding to contract with him?

Filing and recording mechanic's liens is a long drawn-out process and getting paid on a lien takes even longer. I'd rather avoid it altogether!

If you avoid doing business with just one deadbeat customer, you will have saved yourself many times over the monthly membership fee!

Once homeowners that have no intention of paying start realizing that contractors have the ability to check on the homeowner without the ridiculous and usually useless expense of a credit check, then they may just be a bit more inclined to pay the contractor, and on time no less!

Visit today and list your deadbeats for free! -
A Communication Between Contractors for Contractors

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