California Preliminary Notices
- Protect Your Lien Rights -

California preliminary notices MUST BE PROCESSED when you do work on, or supply material to, construction projects OR you could LOSE YOUR LIEN RIGHTS!

*In addition, the form you use MUST contain the EXACT text required by the new California Civil Codes or it isn't valid, which means again that you could lose your lien rights. The form we have available does contain the new text... ;)

(Preliminary Notice forms and Notice to Owner forms for other states)

Being a part of the construction industry is truly wonderful... when your customers pay you. But what about those times when your customer isn't willing to pay you for a job well done? Unfortunately, walking around muttering $#% - #*$% - #*$% won't pay your bills... ;-)

Filing a mechanic's lien on the owner's property is often your last chance to collect on the money that is owed you. This is where the importance of California preliminary notices becomes most clear.

If you don't process your preliminary notice form, most often the penalty is that you are not allowed to file a mechanic's lien on the owner's property which means your last chance just went *poof*....

*In addition, in California it's a violation of the Contractor's License Law to not do your preliminary notice when you're a Sub on a job! [California CC Section 3097(h)]

Not being allowed to file a mechanic's lien means that you could very well lose out 100% and collect absolutely none of the money that is owed you!!


In less than 5 minutes you can have up-to-date California Preliminary Notices downloaded, filled in and printed!

Plus, you'll get an in-depth article that will tell you exactly "The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Preliminary Notices".

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California Preliminary Notices
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