Don't Miss The California 20 day Preliminary Notice Deadline!

If you mail the California 20 Day Preliminary Notice within the time-frame allowed then you can usually lien for 100% of what is owed you.

(Preliminary Notice forms and Notice to Owner forms for other states)

Miss the preliminary notice deadline and you'll probably lose some lien rights!

If you mail the notice after the 20 days, then you won't have lien rights on the time prior to the 20 days.

Now please note, I am not an attorney nor do I (nor can I) give legal advice. I strongly suggest that you contact a legal professional to advise you for your specific situation(s). The articles I write are designed to provide the general information you need, not to provide legal advice.
When sending a California 20 day preliminary notice an original MUST be sent to each of the parties involved such as, the general contractor, the owner, the lender/surety if applicable, the lease hold owner, the trust fund, etc. etc., and it must be mailed certified or registered.
Note: While requesting (and paying for) the return receipt is not required, I highly recommend that you do. If you leave it to the post office to keep track of the receipt but the post office loses the receipt (of course this is hypothetical because we all know that the post office never loses anything, right? ;). You have to be able to provide proof that your notice was mailed and received, and you can't do it without that return receipt. I've included, with the California 20 day Preliminary Notice form that we have available for download, an in-depth tutorial on all aspects of the preliminary notice, from preparing it yourself to keeping track of those return receipts to various other methods and who to contact should you have troubles getting paid.


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