Articles for Construction Contractors and Suppliers

Below are links to construction articles and general business articles, some of which I have written, some written by construction attorneys, insurance brokers, and other professionals.

If you have something you'd like to see an article about please let me know.

IRS Audit - Employment Tax Audit - National Research Project
A new IRS audit - an employment tax audit - that is likely to snare some construction contractors! Click here to read more about the National Research Project.

The Move Over Law
Have you heard of the "Move Over Law" or the "Move Over Act" or the "Steer Clear Law" or the "Steer Clear Act", etc.?

Plumbing Contractor Not Liable For Former Employee's Criminal Act
Always, ALWAYS conduct an employment screening background check BEFORE hiring anyone!

Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2006 (California)
It's a relatively new law that has been taking some contractors quite by surprise, don't get caught between the eyes

Preliminary Notices and Construction Liens
X Number of Layers = X Number of Potential Construction Liens

Construction worker accused of raping school girl
Could one or more of your employees be dishonest, distrustful, even violent?

How to Avoid Dealing with Deadbeats
Don't let a deadbeat rip you off - use this website to track them and report your own

Call811 National Call Before You Dig hotline
CGA launches national 811 "Call Before You Dig" number and Web site to help save lives and protect American underground infrastructure

20 Ways to say NO
20 Ways to say NO to a request that would overwhelm your schedule WITHOUT feeling guilty!

Construction Factoring Receivables
Construction Receivables Factoring can help you as long as the cost isn't more than your profit

Fraudulent Releases
It's in your client's best interest (and yours) to verify that waiver release form

Release Thru Date
Explanation of what the release through date is on a lien release form

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