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--> 3. Article - California Prejudgment Attachment: A Strategic Alternative to Awaiting Trial

--> 4. Free Construction Magazines

--> 5. Article - Wisconsin Home Improvement Contractors: Issues to consider before suing an owner

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New Forms

New Form - A Joint Check Agreement Form

Maybe you're a subcontractor doing a project that requires more material than your credit limit allows, or maybe you're a general contractor who wants to make sure that the subcontractors pay their suppliers, or maybe you're a supplier who wants to give more contractors a chance to do work by supplying them with material they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to purchase upfront. Whatever your reason, this joint check agreement can help you to accomplish your goals. It's been a very often requested form so I finally created it and got it posted online for sale.

Check it out here --> Joint Check Agreement Form

New Form - A Statement of Non-Performance Form

For use when you're doing work on a certified/prevailing wage job but you have a week (or more) that you don't have anyone on the job. Submit this quick-to-complete-form to let your customer know that you didn't have anyone there for a particular time frame.

Check it out here --> Statement of Non-Performance Form

New Form - The State of Washington Notice to Owner Form of Right to Claim a Construction Lien

In the state of Washington, most persons furnishing professional services, materials, or equipment for the improvement of real property in the state of Washington are required to give the owner or reputed owner a Notice to Owner Form of Right to Claim a Construction Lien. This notice must be in writing and must include the information required by the law. If the notice is not provided the person very well may not have lien rights.

Check it out here --> Washington Notice to Owner of Right to Claim a Construction Lien

New Form - Deluxe Letter of Transmittal

This Deluxe Letter of Transmittal can be used when sending just about anything construction related (ie: change orders; plans; samples; drawings; specifications; etc.).

Check it out here --> Deluxe Letter of Transmittal



New Article - California Prejudgment Attachment: A Strategic Alternative to Awaiting Trial

by David J. Barnier

These days, trials are typically being set 12 months after the filing of a lawsuit. For a contractor, equipment rental company, or materials supplier that is owed money, it is an unfortunate reality that... (please click here to read the article)

More Free Construction (and other industry) Magazines

600+ complimentary construction magazine subscriptions ready to be sent to YOU.

No credit cards, coupons, or promo codes required.

Just a couple samples of what's available:

Construction Business Owner

Professional Builder

Click Here for LOTS more free construction magazines and other free industry magazines

New Article - Wisconsin Home Improvement Contractors: Issues to consider before suing an owner

by Chad W. Koplien

Wisconsin contractors providing home improvement services for owners of existing residential structures should consider the following issues prior to suing an owner for non-payment... (please click here to read the article)

Advertise Your Company On Your Job Sites!

We all know that things are tight right now, and construction projects are no exception. While many companies pull back on their advertising during times like these, really the best thing to do is to get your company name out there.

One of the best ways to do this is to put signs on the job sites you're working on to let other companies know that you're out there, alive and well, working and ready to do more work.

I've located a company that allows you to custom design your own signs, even upload your logo, and you can get delivery in one day.

It's time to get your name out there and open up your possibilities for more work.

Some reasons to use this company:

  • Fast and Easy-to-use Online Design Tool
  • Huge Gallery of Templates and Clipart
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Custom Signs, Banners, Magnetics, License Plates, & More
  • No Minimum Order Quantities
  • Volume Discounts
Please take a look here:

Job site signs and other signs too

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