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Welcome to Download Construction Forms, where you'll get amazing support to help you manage your construction business -- and you'll be able to download construction forms that you'll use every day.

There is a tremendous wealth of information here that is helpful to construction contractors, suppliers, and homeowners.

Questions that are answered (free of charge!), and articles that are written, by practicing construction litigation attorneys and other industry professionals (employment attorneys, insurance brokers, etc.).

Just use the links on the left to find the information you need.

As well as being able to freely access all of the information available at this website, as mentioned above you'll be able to:

  • Get that ultra-professional look for your company by filling in the forms with your computer before printing them.
  • Foil those darn GC's (now known as DC's) and customers that lose your paperwork by saving copies of your filled in forms (they'll always be available if you need to print another copy).
  • Always be ready for things such as a change in the scope of a project that is bidding, or any other changes you might need to make, because you can change your saved forms if you need to, as often as you need to, and print new copies.
  • Use the form forever, as often as you need to -- the form resides on your computer where you can use it as often as you need.
  • Thwart those computer crashes because you'll get unlimited free replacements of every form you purchase, no matter how many times you might need it, for an entire year from your date of purchase (at no extra cost!).
  • Always know what to do in a sticky situation because you'll get unlimited free support (whether for forms you've purchased or anything else related to construction) forever.
  • Save boatloads of money because you can get unlimited free downloads and/or unlimited free copies emailed to you for an entire year from your date of purchase.
  • Stop worrying about software that expires, or won't work with updated operating systems or a new computer, because these forms never expire and they work on all PCs and Macs (they don't depend on operating systems so changes in operating systems won't affect them).
  • Quit spending money on updated forms that are required when the law changes because you'll get free legal updates of these forms, no matter how often the law requires changes, for a full two years from your date of purchase.

But I don't just sell you a form and send you on your way.

You'll learn why you need the forms that you need and what they'll do for you -- and exactly how to use them.

Never again will you have to search for the construction forms you need, or wonder why you need them!

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Construction is a very tough business

We've been contractors (suspended ceiling installers in California) and more than once we were taken serious advantage of (and even cheated out of money that was owed to us) because of something we didn't know (we have some stories that would knock your socks off!).

And we've worked with thousands of contractors across the country, helping them with the paperwork and legal side of their businesses.

We are totally in your corner and we want to use our experiences to give you as much free support and free information as you'll ever need or want.

No matter what your question, whether it's about our construction forms or something else construction related, ask us.

While there's absolutely no purchase necessary to get answers to your questions, selling downloadable construction forms is what allows us to continue to provide this support.

We promise that the value, service, and support that you'll get when you purchase and download construction forms from our Yahoo store website is unparalleled at any other forms download site anywhere.

Matter of fact, because our goal is to take the absolute best care of you that is possible, if you do find better service at another downloadable construction forms website, please tell us about it and we'll be more than happy to refund your purchase and let you keep the form!

When you get a chance, be sure to visit us at, where you'll find even more information, articles, tutorials, and support that construction contractors need to manage the day-to-day grind of running a construction business.

Thank you and have a great day!
Diane Dennis

PS: While we are mainly a website for construction contractors, if you are a property owner/home owner and you have questions or are having problems, please feel free to contact us. We promise that we'll do our best to help. Also, if you're a do-it-yourself'er, please check out my friend Bill's website DIY Home Improvement Help And How-To From A Retired Builder for expert help and information on just about any do-it-yourself project you're thinking about.

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